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    Church Plants are healthier with a Parent or Partner Church. Make the difference by supporting a Church Planter!

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    Our goal is to plant healthy churches. Join us in the vision by planting a church.

Become a Parent or Partner Church  

What is a Parent or Partner Church?

A Parent or Partner Church is a church that has taken primary responsibility to help a church plant and church planter establish a vibrant and healthy faith community. The relationship will look a bit different depending on the situation but must be agreed upon by the church planter and parent/partner church. The Parent Church would most likely take financial, oversight and spiritual responsibility for the church plant. Many times a Primary Partner Church will come alongside a church plant to offer any assistance they can give to help during the planting process. These definitions are not set in stone but change depending on the relationship established between the church planter and the parent/partner church.

Why should I become a Parent or Partner Church?

The Bible says that everything should produce after its own kind. We believe the same is true for our churches. In the Minnesota District we believe the best catalyst for church multiplication is the local church body. When the local church works to multiply itself, it builds more ownership of the church planting process and creates a much healthier atmosphere for the church planter. Statistics show us that a church plant is far more likely to succeed if they have a parent or partner church.

What are the Parent or Partner Church Expectations?

We encourage church planters and Parent/Partner Churches to work cooperatively in establishing guidelines and expectations.

General expectations for our Parent and Partner Churches

Worksheet for a Memorandum of Understanding between Parent/Partner Church and Church Planter

How do I become a Parent or Partner Church?

If you have a strategic plan to multiply your church or if you would like to get connected with a church planter to establish a potential parent or partnering relationship, please contact our office at info@mnchurchplanting.com.

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