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Our Staff

Doug Vagle

Minnesota Church Multiplication Director
MN District Council Assemblies of God

Doug Vagle is the Director of the Church Multiplication Department which facilitates our church multiplication efforts throughout Minnesota. He planted The Waters Church in 2007, which he continues to pastor. Doug is married to his best friend, Peggy, and they have three children.  


Amber Woller

Minnesota Church Multiplication/Home Missions Ministry Assistant
MN District Council Assemblies of God

Amber Woller joined the Home Missions department in 2012. She and her husband planted Corner Church in Minneapolis in 2005, added a second location in 2012, and planted a third location in 2017. As part of Corner Church, Amber understands the complexities of planting and having multiple locations. 


MCM Lead Team


Jarvis Glanzer

Surburban Representative
Jarvis and his wife Jane planted Watermark Church in Stillwater in 2012.


Earnest Jeyaraja

Multi-ethnic Representative
Earnest and his wife Andrea planted Global Harvest Church in Bloomington in 2004.


Mike Stevens

North Representative
Mike and his wife Tranette planted Bigfork Assembly of God in 2000 and Good Hope Church in Cloquet in 2010. Good Hope opened a campus in Duluth in 2017. 


Jeff Wendt

South Representative
Jeff and his wife Tiffany planted Canvas Church in Northfield in 2011. Canvas Church opened a campus in Mankato in 2016.


Scott Woller

Urban Representative
Scott and his wife Amber planted Corner Church in Minneapolis in 2005. Corner Church opened a second location in 2012 and planted a third in 2017.

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